THIZZLAM ENT. Their Story Edit

THIZZLAM ENT. A Brand Representing True Hip Hop, Built From The Ground Up Based Out The Bay Area. Ranging From The Bay To L.A. The Founder Started It All On A Prepaid Phone, At 16 (His Junior Year Of Highshcool) He Was Editing, And Uploading 20 Videos Per Day To (Youtube). And A Year Later (Senior Year) Before The Inevitable Death Of Their Soundcloud, He Tells Us He Was Uploading 30 Tracks Daily To (Soundcloud). He Also Told Us That His Senior Year Of Highscool, During 1st Period Computer Class That He Managed To Upload 10 Tracks Every Morning. Downloaded And Uploaded To Soundcloud From The Schools Computer, He Used To Smuggle A Flash Drive Into The Computer Loaded With Hip Hop Tracks. We Asked, "Well If Youre Currently On Your Music Uploading Hustle In Class How Are You Getting Your Work Done ? And Are You Passing ??" He Told Us He Got His Friend From Class, Donte, To Do All His Work And Transfer It To His Computer With A Flash drive. That Same Year His Work Payed Off, He Was Pulling Off 30,000 Plays A Night & 100,000 Plays A Week. He Managed To Rake In 2,000,000 Plays Before The End For Soundcloud Came. At This Point 1 Million People Knew And Followed His Brand, So He Went Into Youtube. To This Day People In Hip Hop Recognize And Follow THIZZLAM ENT. From Mozzy To MC Ren From N.W.A..... True Hip Hop From The Bay To L.A. THIZZLAM ENT. Since 2015.

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CEO's INSTAGRAM: @thizzland

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